Metacyne provides technical solution services to businesses and individuals. Founded in July of 2000, we have grown from providing just Internet services—such as website design--to a full featured technical solution provider. Today, we can provide full-featured solutions such as custom designed software, web enabled customer support, online applications, robust network solutions and reliable computer hardware.

For Metacyne, every solution is matched with excellent client support. We believe that part of providing a technical solution is making sure that what we provide is free from technical jargon and is immediately accessible to our clients. Helping clients make informed technical decisions helps to create long lasting solutions that are cost effective and scalable as needs change.

We have a knowledgeable staff from a variety of different backgrounds and disciplines. This helps us to better understand client requirements no matter what field of expertise they may reside in. Whether your business is an engineering firm, retail outlet or restaurant, Metacyne can provide a technical solution designed to fit your business need.

Below are some of the common questions that we are asked.

Why choose Metacyne?
We provide solutions designed to match individual business needs at an affordable price with exceptional long-term support.
Where is Metacyne located?
We are located with easy access on Glenmore Trail and Elbow Drive in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
How much does a solution from Metacyne cost?
Each solution is customized for an individual business’ needs. We provide free initial consultation and cost estimates. We segment costs based on individual components of a solution so that our clients can see where their money is going.
What kind of business relationship does Metacyne cultivate?
Metacyne cultivates long term business relationships, ensuring that we can provide support for all the business solutions we provide for as long as our clients desire.We believe that long-term business relationships to ensure the viability of all the solutions we deliver.
How can Metacyne provide so many services?
We have a talented staff with a variety of skills from a diverse selection of disciplines. With over 20 years combined experience in working with a variety of different technical mediums, you can be assured that our staff is knowledgeable, adaptable and able to meet any business challenge.